A London Escort With Naked Confidence?

They say that opposites attract. I guess it is true. My girlfriend is this super sexy pole dancer and also work for an elite London escorts service, but I am worried about taking my clothes off. It took me ages to take my clothes off in front of my girlfriend even though I know I have good body. She did not really understand what I was so worried about and I guess that you can that every London escort can be a little bit more liberated than other girls I have met in my life.

Do we need to take our clothes off to have fun? I am not sure if I am one of the guys in London who feel like this, but I really cannot see why we are so quick to jump into bed with each other. When I first met my girlfriend, and she explained to me that she was a pole and worked for London escorts, I could not really understand how she could do that for a living. Since then I have met many of her friends from London escorts, and all of the girls are super confident about their bodies.

Fun to most of the girls at London escorts happens behind closed doors. Some of the girls who work for the London escorts service my girlfriend works for, even likes to go to sex parties. Sure, that is their kind of fun, but it would be my worst nightmare. It is a little bit like Saturday Kitchen on the TV. Some people hate prawns and others love to eat steak. Spending time without my clothes off would be my food hell, but my girlfriend even loves to cook with her clothes off.

Since we have been together, I have been trying to show my girlfriend some of the fun you can have in London with your clothes on. To be fair to her, she only moved to London a couple of years ago from Poland, and I am not sure that someone has ever showed her around. When she has a couple of days free from London escorts, I like to show her around. I belong to one of the rowing club on the Thames so I do things like take her rowing, and show her the river in all its glory.

I don’t mind that she works for London escorts, but I do think that she has allowed the adult entertainment industry in London take over her life. Many of the girls who work for the agency are from other countries, and just like my girlfriend, they are here in London to make a lot of money. I get that, but surely your life has to be about other things at the same time. Like I keep saying to my girlfriend, she cannot spend all her time with her long legs wrapped around a pole. She should focus on enjoy life as well, and London has a lot to offer you even when you don’t want to take your clothes off.

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